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Nannochloropsis gaditana

NG_chr01 NG_chr02 NG_chr03 NG_chr04 NG_chr05 NG_chr06 NG_chr07 NG_chr08 NG_chr09 NG_chr10 NG_chr11 NG_chr12
NG_chr13 NG_chr14 NG_chr15 NG_chr16 NG_chr17 NG_chr18 NG_chr19 NG_chr20 NG_chr21
NG_scf01 NG_scf02 NG_scf03 NG_scf04 NG_scf05 NG_scf06 NG_scf07 NG_scf08 NG_scf09 NG_scf10 NG_scf11 NG_scf12
NG_scf13 NG_scf14 NG_scf15 NG_scf16 NG_scf17 NG_scf18 NG_scf19 NG_scf20 NG_scf21 NG_scf22 NG_scf23 NG_scf24
NG_scf25 NG_scf26 NG_scf27 NG_scf28 NG_scf29 NG_scf30 NG_scf31 NG_scf32 NG_scf33 NG_scf34 NG_scf35 NG_scf36 NG_scf37
Extra Genomic Elements:
chloroplast  mitochondrion 

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N.gaditana B-31
N.gaditana CCMP526
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- Tracks
- A. Gene Prediction
N.gaditana B-31 N.gaditana CCMP526  
- B. Transcript models
- C. SOLiD RNA-seq
- Day3
- N+
Day3 N+ s+ Day3 N+ s-  
- N-
Day3 N- s+ Day3 N- s-  
- Day6
- N+
Day6 N+ s+ Day6 N+ s-  
- N-
Day6 N- s+ Day6 N- s-  
- D. Alignment
Proteins EST  
- E. WGA
Chlamrei Phaeotri Thalapse
Ectocsil Phytoram  
Micropus Phytosoj  
- F. Genome structure
- Overview
- Analysis
Restriction Sites   

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