Access to the Vitis vinifera web site

There are three main entry points: Gbrowse , Advanced query platform and Blast search.

The Gbrowse allows you to visualize the gene structure as well as searching for sequence similarities using Blast or Blat.

The query platform allows you to fetch a gene by features or by name.
This interface allows you to do complex queries. You can select any combination of metabolic pathways, protein domains, ontologies, and more. After the selection of any number of features, the program will re$ For instance, if three features were selected the program will tell you how many genes scored 3, 2 and 1, according to the number of satisfied features; then you can select which classes of score you want to see (for instance you could select score 3 and 2) and submit the request to obtain the list of genes. For each gene you will see which feature were satisfied. Click over the link to get the gene report page. Features set as “mandatory” must be present. To search by gene name select the “General” tab.

Blast allow to perform sequence similarity search against V. vinifera genome as well V0, v1 and v2 gene prediction.