This page lists the publications produced by the OLEA consortium:

Alagna F., Mariotti R., Panara F., Urbani S., Veneziani G., Esposto S., Taticchi A., Rosati A., Rao R., Perrotta G., Servili M., Baldoni L., 2012. Olive phenolic compounds: metabolic and transcriptional profiling during fruit development. BMC Plant Biol. 12:162.

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Mousavi S., Hosseini Mazinani M., Arzani K., Ydollahi A., Pandolfi S., Baldoni L., Mariotti R., 2014. Molecular and morphological characterization of Golestan (Iran) olive ecotypes provides evidence for the presence of promising genotypes. Genet. Resour. Crop Evol. 61:775–785.

Congress proceedings

Baldoni L., 2014. Genomics in olive: applications and perspectives. Acta Hort. 1057:483-486. (Corresponding Author: S. Zelasco)

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Imperato A., Corrado G., Alagna F., Varricchio P., Baldoni L., Rao R., 2012. Olive molecular response to attack of Bactrocera oleae: identification of up-regulated genes in infested olive fruits. Acta Hort. 929:125-128. (Corresponding Author: R. Rao)

Under submission and writing

Alagna F., Cirilli M., Baldoni L., Barcaccia G., Carbone F., Daddiego L., Facella P., Galla G., Lopez L., Muleo R., Perrotta G. De novo sequenced and characterized gene catalog of Olea europaea L. flowers. (under submission, Corresponding Author L. Baldoni and R. Muleo)

Cirilli M., Caporali S., Frioni E., Perrotta G., Rapoport H, Rosati A. and Muleo R. Olive fruit size is regulated early in the flower by the action of CNR/fw2.2 genes. (in writing course)

Cirilli M., Urbani S., Frioni E., Saponari M., Perrotta G., Servili M. and Muleo R. Leucocarpa, the colorless olive cultivar, is impaired in the expression of DFR gene: biochemical and molecular evidences. (in writing course)

Cirilli M., Giampetruzzi A, Frioni E, Saponari M. and Muleo R. Epigenetic role in olive plant architecture. (in writing course)

Colao M.C., Galla G., Caceres M.E., Cirilli M., Frioni E., Barcaccia G., Collani S., Alagna F., Baldoni L., Rugini E. and Muleo R. Identification and transcriptional profiling of genes differentially expressed during flower organs development in Olea europaea L, a multiple approach. (under submission)

Collani S., Alagna F., Caceres M.E., Cirilli M., Muleo R., Ramina A., Baldoni L., Barcaccia G. Self-incompatibility in olive: cytological advances and molecular evidences in pollen-pistil interactions. (under submission)

Cultrera N.G.M., Mariotti R., Sarri V. Lucentini L., Guerrero Ruiz C., Ceccarelli M., Baldoni L. Revealing different levels of variation within olive gene sequences. (submitted to Plant Genome)

Frioni E., Gennai C., Caruso G., Urbani S., Cirilli M., Gucci R., Servili M., Muleo R. Effect of water stress on polyphenol catabolism during olive fruit development. (under submission)

Mariotti R., Cultrera N.G.M., Cirilli M., Muleo R., Belaj A., Domínguez-García M.C., Baldoni L. Chlorotyping the olive cultivars. (under submission)

Baldoni L., Mariotti R., Cultrera N.G.M. Alagna F., Baglivo F., Perrotta G. Identification, mining and validation of new EST SSRs in olive. (in writing course)

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